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Client Case Study

Norwich Castle

NLHF Round Two Project Business Plan, Marketing and Income Generation Strategy

Norwich Castle consists of a museum, art gallery, an international standard temporary exhibition space, and one of the largest remaining Norman Keeps. It is part of the Norfolk Museums Service. This service is an amalgamation of Norfolk’s County and District Councils to delegate their authority for museums to a joint museums committee to create a countywide museums service.


BJA prepared the NLHF 10-year project business plan and the marketing & communications plan as part of the £9.2m NLHF capital bid for the £13.5m re-development and restoration project, Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England.


The project included reviewing each phase of the customer journey, developing the visitor experience and constructing an income generation strategy. In addition, BJA developed the operating model, roles and positions, including identifying potential commercial partnerships working with third parties to deliver the experience and objectives.


BJA developed the marketing and communications strategy, including online. This strategy included helping to inform the brand and positioning. Central to the income generation strategy was how to improve the customer experience, the quality, the standards and how to raise the profile of the attraction and the change needed to achieve these goals.

As with all BJA project business plans, management and operating models and income generation strategies, the aim was not to be reliant upon notoriously difficult and unrealistic revenue fundraising targets. The business plan met all the NHLF project business plan requirements and outcomes. As a result, the client successfully secured the NLHF £9.2m award and is now in the delivery phase.


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