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About BJA

“Our aim is to enable our clients to realise their potential, be leaner and to deliver a great service”

Museum signageDelivering an exceptional customer service experience is the most effective way to create a more sustainable business; it’s not about having more resources, it is about the focus of the organisation, the staff within it and making the most effective use of the existing resources…

The experience of the BJA consultants as successful senior managers and directors within varying styles of businesses means that they are uniquely placed to support clients who want to transform their business and re-energise the customer experience.

Sometimes a client is so involved with the everyday issues they need an external perspective from industry experts and specialists to bring a fresh approach and find a clear way through…

We work with clients to help achieve their aims, whether this is to save money in a particular area or across the board, to look at ways of maximising current resources or to identify new ways of generating income. Our approach is relevant across a broad range of industries and services in both the private and public sectors and in consumer and business to business markets.

BJA’s practical management experience results in our work being straight to the point and providing a clear and jargon free path to achieve your goals. BJA is run by senior managers, directors and operators from the business, leisure, tourism and heritage industries. Some of BJA’s associates are still involved in the senior management of nationally recognised and prestigious visitor attractions.

A consultant will only come up with the right solutions if they take the right approach. As a part of this it is critical to involve the people that matter whether they are front line staff, managers, the Directors or the customer. Not involving staff could be costing the organisation money not only in terms of performance and promotion, but also in the loss of ideas from the people who count.

what our clients say…


“As a new attraction the partnership with Bryn Jones Associates in our first two years of operation has been invaluable. BJA placed one of their Senior Associates in-house to lead the management team through a critical period.

During their time working with us we have, with their support, completed a successful restructure, cut expenditure and seen increases in revenue and footfall.”

George Weekes
Regional Account Director, The Orbit, London Olympic Park

“Over the last year Bryn has undertaken 2 projects for TWAM.

He is a very experienced consultant who has brought a wealth of operational management experience to helping to address practical problems in our museums. He is unfailingly energetic and solution focused and has really helped TWAM move forward with improving our customer service functions.

He has worked well with staff at all levels of the organisation, ensuring their trust and buy-in.”

Iain Watson
Director – Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

“BJA took a very pragmatic approach to assisting us with this based on the sound principles of ensuring we could provide the best possible quality of service to our customers, together with maximising revenue from all aspects of the front-of-house.”

“I was particularly impressed by the speed with which they came to terms with the task, their in-depth knowledge of the needs and pressures of running a visitor services function, and their focus on solutions and results rather than simply identifying the problems.”

Mark Merka-Richards
Director of Human Resources Museum of London Group

“Bryn Jones and his team helped the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust develop a robust and credible business plan, sorting the important from the unimportant, and providing us with exactly what we needed to persuade key stake-holders to support the project.

They delivered high quality work to time, in a collaborative and constructive fashion.

We were very grateful.”

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles
Chair, Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust, Ealing, West London

Just some of our many valued clients…