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BJA Ltd - client testimonials

The Museum of London Group…

“The front of house review by BJA was carried out due to a recognised need to modernise the customer experience and move the focus of the front-of-house away from invigilation and a passive presence on the galleries to active interaction with the visitors and the development of a dynamic visitor experience driven by the front-of-house staff.”

“We achieved a total change in staffing (all managers and staff were replaced), a total re-write of the operating procedures, the introduction of interactive programmes led by the new Hosts (such as Archaeology in Action, guided tours, Objects in Focus), an increase in donation income, improvements in reviews of the Museum experience, a reduction in staff costs of around 30%, a more flexible workforce, the removal of embedded terms and conditions and old-fashioned practices etc.”

Mark Merka-Richards
Director of Human Resources Museum of London Group

Brighton Museums & the Royal Pavilion…

“BJA have been working with the Royal Pavilion and Museums for fifteen months.  The firm initially undertook a very detailed mystery shopper exercise as part of a review that was being undertaken into our retail service.  The findings of the mystery shopper exercise were in part the catalyst for undertaking a major front of house review.  Currently they are working with us on drawing up customer service standards and also supporting the front of house management team in improving staff management and communication.

“BJA are a delight to work with, they carry out all their tasks in a highly professional manner.  The experience that they bring from the museums and leisure sector has had an important bearing on how they conduct the review and the respect that The Royal Pavilion and Museums Management team had for their findings and recommendations.  Reports produced have been of a high calibre and are well written and presented.   Deadlines are always met and excellent communication with the commissioners of the work has been maintained throughout the review.  As part of the work they undertook they conducted interviews with staff, undertook site visits and also workshops.  In all of this thorough preparation was very evident.  We would be happy to recommend BJA for carrying out any similar work with museums, leisure and visitor attractions.”

Janita Bagshawe
Head of Brighton Museums and Director of The Royal Pavilion

The Orbit, London Olympic Park…

“As a new attraction the partnership with Bryn Jones Associates in our first two years of operation has been invaluable. BJA placed one of their Senior Associates in-house to lead the management team through a critical period.

During their time working with us we have, with their support, completed a successful restructure, cut expenditure and seen increases in revenue and footfall.”

George Weekes
Regional Account Director
The Orbit, London Olympic Park

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums…

“Over the last year Bryn has undertaken 2 projects for TWAM. Last summer he worked with us on the implementation of a front of house review and the development of new customer service standards. Most recently he and an associate have helped us devise new, more efficient roster systems.

He is a very experienced consultant who has brought a wealth of operational management experience to helping to address practical problems in our museums. He is unfailingly energetic and solution focused and has really helped TWAM move forward with improving our customer service functions.

He has worked well with staff at all levels of the organisation, ensuring their trust and buy-in.”

Iain Watson
Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

The Postal Museum…

“Helping with our business planning for events. Michelle was very thorough and always met deadlines set.

It’s been invaluable having the breadth of information she has compiled for us to help when making future business decisions.”

Emma Allen
Commercial Manager
The Postal Museum

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust…

“Bryn Jones and his team helped the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust develop a robust and credible business plan, sorting the important from the unimportant, and providing us with exactly what we needed to persuade key stake-holders to support the project.

They delivered high quality work to time, in a collaborative and constructive fashion.

We were very grateful.”

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles
Chair, Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust, Ealing, West London

Bolton Castle…

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for all of your work over the last six months.  It has been a great pleasure to work with and get to know you and your input has been invaluable. The wealth of experience you have along with your passion for tourism and heritage and meticulous attention to detail is remarkable and has given us a very clear direction for the future.”

“I am sure that I do not need to tell you that the work you have done for us far exceeds that which was promised and I know you have gone much further than the extra mile.”

“I really am very grateful and would not hesitate to recommend you to any other visitor attraction, I am certain that we will use your service again.”

Hon Tom Orde-Powlett
Owner, Bolton Castle

Scarborough Borough Council…

“Scarborough Borough Council decided to review its current operation of leisure facilities with the view to looking at a Trust and in order to assist with capacity BJA were appointed to provide the necessary background information.”

“Bryn Jones the lead consultant quickly outlined the view of the market and organised necessary contacts and visits to speak to people who had gone through the Trust process.  A very pragmatic report was produced outlining the advantages and disadvantages of a Trust compared to retaining services in house or engaging with the private sector.”

“This work helped inform a Cabinet report to discuss the issues and to provide Members with the necessary information in order to decide on future delivery options.”

“Following the successful outcome of the Leisure Trust work, BJA were appointed to carry out a piece of work at the Scarborough Spa and Whitby Pavilion.  The brief was to increase income and improve the ‘bottom line.’   BJA clearly had extensive experience on operational management of facilities and reviewed staff structures, service performance and policy to produce a very pragmatic report on how to move forward.  This report was then turned into an Action Plan which has now largely been implemented and created considerable reduction in the subsidy of the Spa.  BJA also helped implement the Action Plan by setting up working groups on customer service standards which revitalised staff’s attitude to service and their commitment to the Spa.”

“BJA clearly have extensive experience in management and service standards throughout the cultural sector and I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to other colleagues or using them on future work for Scarborough Borough Council.”

Steve Hollingworth
Former Head of Tourism and Leisure Scarborough Borough Council

Scarborough Museums Trust…

“Working with BJA has given Scarborough Museums Trust several advantages; BJA’s experience in the top end of the heritage attractions ⁄ museums sector has allowed this small organisation to develop big picture thoughts.  Their combination of strategic overview and attention to detail has provided a good framework for our new manager and one which she is now building on.”

“Bryn’s particular style has allowed us to use him as a coach and mentor and his flexibility has been key to the success of this approach.”

“BJA’s involvement has also helped to establish the Front of House operation as a strategic level function, which in turn enhances the sustainability of the organisation.”

Shirley Collier
Chief Executive Scarborough Museums Trust

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